News September 2018

Felipe & Marloes www.felipemarloes.com  marloes@felipemarloes.com Greetings from Chile- Felipe & Marloes  Newsletter Dear friends and family in Christ, In this e-mail some updates about our new life here in Puerto Montt, how […]

News of April!

In March we had a visit from a Canadian Chinese group that supports and learns from our work. Together with Marloes we organize your program, the logistics of your stay, so that you can share with us and participate with your joy in our ministries.

Thank you!

We want to thank all of you, for keeping in touch and loving us with your prayers, emotional, financial support. We keep asking for prayer, to […]

How to keep following us

Of course we will keep sending updates by newsletters, and we are working on a website as well so you can keep following us.   We […]

Goals of our moving

Why move, and what will we do there? We are moving to be able to support a churchplanting. There we will be involved in discipleship of […]

Goodbye Lunch

In the beginning of this month we have had our last days with OM Chile. They prepared for us a beautiful meal, where we also took […]


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